Love Begets Obedience

Love Begets Obedience

It amazes me how little kids show obedience to their parents and how their love and allegiance go out only to them despite the fact that they are being scolded and often punished by their father or mother every single day. As a person who is not yet married, this kind of “loyalty” or “obedience” really bewilders me.


I particularly remember an instance with my nephew, Jester. I asked him to do something but he refused to do it without his mom’s consent.  Though I had not asked him to do something illegal or dishonest, he simply would only do something after his mom gave him a go signal.  In my mind I wondered, “how can he be so obedient and loyal to her?” At that time, I couldn't seem to comprehend how his innocent love could actually lead him to obey no other person but his mom.  This confusion eventually led me to reflect on my personal relationship with God and how I am able to obey Him in every area of my life, especially in my state of life.


It is really sad to say this, but I think the reality is that our world now cares less about morality and decency.  We now seem to be living in a society that is very tolerant of people’s promiscuity.  It is no longer a big deal to be living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, to be in a relationship with a married person or to practice casual sex.  These and many other lifestyles speak volumes of how we as a people try to express our rights or freedom regardless of what it takes!  These behaviors can be so destructive- not only to us but also to the people and family around us.

Unfortunately though, despite the fact that we know  these kinds of relationships are not good for us in the long-run, we still pursue or fight for it because we just can’t seem to live our lives without them. Maybe we find it is just too difficult to leave the person or the relationship behind.


It is during this time in my life that I appreciate my friends, especially those who are in community, who seem to be able to live a radical way of life.  They would rather be lonely than be in sinful relationships.  They believe in abstinence before marriage. They are single and yet meaningfully living their lives.

Personally, I think that what separates those who can and cannot say "no" to a sinful lifestyle is a personal and deep relationship with God. It might be difficult to affirm a strong correlation between one's relationship with God and the decision to stay in or out of a sinful relationship but based on my own experience, my relationship with God compels me to do that what is pleasing and honorable in His sight.  Everyday God reminds me to rely on His grace so I can remain faithful to Him.

I Obey Him Who Loves Me

God has been a shelter to me. For years now, I know He is the One who keeps protecting me from people and/or situations that I know will eventually bring me pain. I also believe that what lies ahead is not going to be smooth-sailing all the time. There will be high mountains to climb and few storms to weather but God will be the Source of my joy and a Great Comfort in times of trials and temptations.

My life is an everyday struggle to choose life over death, to choose good over evil and to choose God over other things. It knows no other love than that which comes from God and follows no other road than that which leads to Him. I want to believe that if I ever obey God, especially in matters of the heart, it is not out of fear but out of love. Such obedience is not inherent, I believe. It is but a response to God's abiding love for me over the years despite my unworthiness. I realized too that when one is deeply loved, there seems to be no better way to respond than to obey the One from whom one has found and experienced true and pure love. Such, I think, is better explained by a love between mother and child...between my sister and her son, Jester...between God and me.

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Sharon “Shawie” Villaflores - is a member/Pastoral Leader from Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community, a Sword of the Spirit community based in the Philippines.

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