Lent Tool Kit

Lent Tool Kit

The Lovely Commission team wants to help you have a fruitful Lent! There are so many wonderful resources available so we wanted to share some. Scroll down to see blogs, devotionals, and articles on different Lenten topics that may be helpful for you.


Meaning of Lent:

 Thanks-lent-can-feel-toes by Lauren Befus

Lenten Articles from christianitytoday.com

 In Defense of Lent by Amy Julia Becker

The Gift of Lent by Fr. Nathan Laliberte


Prayer/Reading Material:

A Selection of Spiritual Readings for the Forty Days of Lent by Carlos Alonso Vargas

Resources for Lent and Easter

The Redeemer who Died by Steve Clark

Through Repentance to Faith by Derek Prince

Love Thinks No Evil

Meditations for Lent from plough.com



Lenten resources from Ignatianspirituality.com

Lenten Devotionals from Lutheran Hour Ministries

Lent Guide from ucatholic.com



The Spiritual Meaning of Fasting by Carlos Alonso Vargas

Fasting by Hills and Valleys

25 Creative ideas for Lent by Lifeteen

What to give up for Lent

Soul Training by Vineyard North

Why Fasting by Blessed is She

Focus for Fasting by Jerry Munk



What is Faith? by Matta El-Maskeen (video)

How to love God More by Matta El-Maskeen (video)

How Lent Leads us to Easter by boundless.org (a ministry of focus on the family)

Lent for Dummies: Episode 477 by boundless.org 

Daily Lenten Podcast

Lenten Podcast by St. James Pilgrims 


Have a blessed Lenten journey!

-TLC Team


Made for Glory

Made for Glory

The Mystery of Lent

The Mystery of Lent