Honest Thoughts from October

Honest Thoughts from October


Hello from the Lovely Commission team. Rachel here, I just want to say... Hi. How are ya?!

No really, how are you?

I have recently found it helpful to ask and answer that question twice, because often my instinct is to convey to others that I have it all together, keeping it as simple as that. But God has been revealing to me that this mentality is actually a pretty prideful one. It downplays the goodness of what the Lord might be doing in my life at any given moment. It misrepresents or invalidates the challenges I could be facing. It isolates me from those who want to know and love me; my generic responses push them away.

I am grateful for the sisters in my life who, in boldness, ask me again, “How are you?” Because they convict me to consider again what the Lord has taught me about humility in relationships - with others and with Him. This humility is about being real and authentic. About being known for who you are, including both the trials and joys you face. A humility born from living in light of the fact that you are unconditionally loved by a Father in Heaven who has created you for a purpose. Practicing this kind of humility can be as simple as answering that question honestly and allowing yourself to be loved by God and those asking, no matter what your answer may be.

Looking back on the last month, I think this exercise in authenticity was a good one for the month and season of October. It’s an odd time, caught in the middle of the transitions of a new academic year and the upcoming buzz of the holidays. Every year I expect it to be a slow, steady, and relaxed  season, because I’ve mastered my routines. But every year I am still caught off guard by the pace of life, by my to-do lists, and by my desire to get a break. This time, however, I am growing in endurance and gratitude because of the ways the Lord has opened my heart to His ways and to the women that He has placed in my life to support me. The Lord has sustained me through the unpredictable ups and downs of October. I pray that He is doing the same for you.

So sisters, I invite you to be real the next time a friend asks “how are you?”

God just might surprise you in the ways you will be blessed in your honest humility.

Rachel Cahalan is on the Lovely Commission team and you can read all about her here.

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