"God, where are you?"



God who is always greater

God who is always truer

God whose answer to Himself echoes

Down the arches of the years

Of our hearts, Gothic cathedrals

With high arches and lofty ideals

With crumbling foundations

And catacombs of broken dreams.


Whose answer echoes down

The arches of worn stone

Etched by years of worry and fear

Hate and care,

Dark and light

Death and Life.


Whose Life is in us and never near us


Whom we encase in our own fault

And fear.

We see God.

He is in the pulpit,

On the altar,

Always near and always elusive--

Emmanuel at a distance.

Whom do we keep at bay?

Whose eyes do we meet

When no one is watching?

God in the silence,

God in the keep of the

Castle of our hearts.

We stow Him safely away

Because we know He knows our pain.

God who is always mightier.

God who is always stronger.

God who will not shift

His gaze

From the stony barrenness of our hearts

Because He sees what lies


God who raises dead to life,

God who mends the soul.

God who sees the broken dreams

And lies that we’ve been told.

God--where are You?


The answer to Yourself

Echoes down the arches of the years

Of the cathedrals of our hearts.

Rings high and lofty like an organ tone

And falls softly, softly down the etched scars

And engravings on our walls.

Which settles like a soft golden wool

Drawing warmth into the drafty spaces

And darkness from our eyes.

The note that pierces, breaks, and falls

Down the ruins of our hearts

Reverberates eternal beneath our skin,

Invisible but certain--



This poem was written by a dear sister who wishes to remain anonymous and we are so thankful for her willingness to share this with you all.

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