The Taco Bell Experience

The Taco Bell Experience

Here is part two of Satisfy Me, Lord. I would like to call this: THE TACO BELL EXPERIENCE.

About six months ago my friend, Anna, told me this story. Anna and her friend Sammy were out all day before returning home for family dinner. They were hungry, so they decided to stop by Taco Bell for a little snack. This little snack turned into a feast of burritos and quesadillas. The excitement of a hot taco got the better of them. Then they headed home, hoping that dinner was a light salad. Walking in the door, her mother greeted them and announced that she was preparing a Mexican feast and hoped they had an appetite. Anna and Sammy spent the evening sick to their stomachs. True story.

When I heard this story, I had tears streaming down my face with laughter. Anna is tiny and adorable, and if you knew her this would be hilarious to you as well. But then, for some reason, I kept thinking about this story in a spiritual way. How often do I settle for things other than the feast I really long for? What things do I allow to ruin my appetite? I want to be clear. I like Taco Bell. I am pro-Taco Bell. However, I think the best part about it, is that it is convenient and available. It does the job to get me through. What are the things that I can identify as those quick and easy burritos? What are the things that would offer me the true feast?

 Here is my first recommendation:

  1. Sit down and write a list: The Taco Bell Experience vs. The Homemade Mexican Feast.
  2. Be bold and specific.


Here is my list:

  • Lord, I want to spend less time on my phone and social media. I want to give my time to things that rejuvenate me life like playing guitar, reading, and going on walks.

  • Lord, I want to live simply. I want to think about the things I buy and the number of clothes and shoes I have. I want what I do own to have a purpose. I don’t want to consume in excess; I want to be generous with the money I save from frivolous spending and put it toward good uses.

  •  Lord, I want to stop complaining. I want to allow myself to be authentic if I am frustrated or hurt, but I want to choose joy. I want to go through my day and choose gratitude.

  • Lord, I want to think about each song I listen to or movie I watch and ask myself if it is building up my character and leading me towards You. I want to only consume what edifies me. I want to spend time each day reflecting on Scripture and letting Your Word be what gives me strength every day.

  • Lord, I want to stop being inward focused. I want to stop thinking about myself first. I want to try harder to listen to others. I want to spend less time looking in the mirror and getting ready in the morning. I want to choose to remember that I am good and created with dignity just because you made me.

This is my start and I’m ready. I’m ready to have high standards for myself, and to fight complacency. I am ready to set aside the fast food world, and to choose what really satisfies. I’m ready to feast on the Bread of Life.


My name is Sarah Rae LaValla. I was born and raised in the beautiful land of Minnesota. I attended the University of St. Thomas where I studied Social Work. While studying, I was able to work with juvenile delinquents and people with special needs. After graduating, I served with NET Ministries USA in Plano, TX.  I currently live in Glasgow, Scotland where I supervise the NET Ministries team here. I love babies.

Love Begets Obedience

Love Begets Obedience

Satisfy Me, Lord

Satisfy Me, Lord