We humans are creatures who love a good story. We've grown up with them, from the stories our parents told us as young children, to the ones we memorized from the Bible, to the ones told by comedians that leave us with our sides splitting. Stories bring us joy, they teach us, instruct us, leave us wondering. 

Personal stories are one of the best ways to communicate an idea to another person. In fact, studies show that 65% of TED talks that go viral on the web do so because they contain a personal story. Here at The Lovely Commission- we believe that the sharing of our personal stories is a powerful way to communicate and share our faith. We believe that we can use the web and our stories in a powerful way to spread the Gospel and build up personal relationships with Christ. That's why we have filled this site with testimonies and sharings from women around the world- all talking in a real and vulnerable way about the struggles and victories in their faith. 

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Reader testimony

"I wanted to let you know how much of a difference your ministry has made to my life over the past while! I'm just a young girl from Ireland and I grew up in a Christian family...but my faith journey hasn't always been easy. I'd been going through a really rough path in my life over the past few years and I'd lost faith, a lot! I heard about your website and I eventually went and read a few of your articles and they really changed my life! I'd always struggled to know how I was meant to live a Christian life, it seemed like I had so many expectations on me and so many 'rules' but no one seemed to be teaching me how I should be living out the faith or how to pray. Your website and all of your amazing contributors have helped me in my walk with the Lord so much! I really believe that your ministry is such a gift from God in my life and He really speaks through your work and your words! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration and the love you are preaching!"



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