Welcome to The Lovely Commission. We are an ecumenical community of women from around the world who think it's important to share about our walk with Christ. We share personally about what we have experienced, what we are learning, what we find difficult and what brings us joy. We believe in the importance and value of REAL sisterhood. We share personally about what God is doing in our life in order to BUILD UP the sisterhood. Our personal sharings are POWERFUL and we SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID to share them. 

The Lovely Commission takes it's name from The Great Commission: where Christ tells us to go and make disciples of all. We believe that our call to be a part of The Great Commission, as women, is a LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL thing. 

TLC is a part of Kairos, a missionary network of young people from a variety of Christian backgrounds. 



Director &



Mary Rose Jordan is a co-founder and the acting Director of The Lovely Commission. She was born in the United States, but lives in Scotland with her husband and son. 

The Lovely Commission is about a work that is near and dear to Mary Rose’s heart. She’s had the opportunity to work with many youth and youth programs and is very convicted that young girls today face issues and challenges never seen before. She also believes that we, as women, need to come together in defense of each other and look to truly embrace and love the way our Lord created us.

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Molly Kilpatrick is a co-founder of The Lovely Commission. She is a Minneapolis, Minnesota native now living in Lansing, Michigan. She holds BAs in Catholic Studies and Family Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, where she was involved in Saint Paul’s Outreach - a community of disciples on mission on college campuses around the nation.

Molly has been working with high school and university aged women since 2007, and she thinks they are so lovely - so full of potential, hope, and beauty, so full of life and love to be shared. She has an idea of how much our Heavenly Father loves them and has incredible plans for their lives, and she wants to do everything she can to help them know Him and realize His profound and transformative love in their lives. The Lovely Commission is one attempt at that.

Some of her favorite persons/places/things are camping and campfires, reading, coffee, running, canoeing, her family & friends, Jesus, listening to rain on a porch, love and loveliness, classical music, her job as a Mission Director atKairos North America and UCO Lansing, and her husband Alex.


Community Manager

Megan  comes from the “Land of 10,000 lakes” otherwise known as Minnesota, and recently moved to Glasgow, Scotland. Megan served with NET Ministries before starting college and this helped reveal her passion for mission. NET Ministries sends out teams of young adults that travel around the country and facilitate retreats for youth in the area. After NET she attended the University of St. Thomas where she got involved with Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO). At the end of college she discerned serving with SPO as a full-time missionary. She served for two years as a Mission Leader, and then became a Director for the chapter at St. Thomas. After seven years of being involved with SPO at St. Thomas, God decided to shake things up. The opportunity presented itself to move to Scotland and work for UCO and The Lovely Commission, and we know how things ended. Megan is very excited to serve with The Lovely Commission and to help cultivate a place for women to encounter beauty, encouragement, and truth.