Welcome to The Lovely Commission. We are an ecumenical community of women from around the world who think it's important to write about our walk with Christ. We share personally about what we have experienced, what we are learning, what we find difficult and what brings us joy. We believe in the importance and value of REAL sisterhood. We talk personally about what God is doing in our life in order to BUILD UP the sisterhood. Our personal testimonies are POWERFUL and we SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID to share them. 

The Lovely Commission takes it's name from The Great Commission: where Christ tells us to go and make disciples of all. We believe that our call to be a part of The Great Commission, as women, is a LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL thing. 

TLC is a part of Kairos, a missionary network of young people from a variety of Christian backgrounds. 



Mary Rose Jordan



DIRECTOR & COFOUNDER (currently on maternity leave!)

Mary Rose Jordan is a co-founder and the acting Director of The Lovely Commission. She was born in the United States, but lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her husband and son and is a part of the Community of the Risen Christ. 

The Lovely Commission is about a work that is near and dear to Mary Rose’s heart. She’s had the opportunity to work with many youth and youth programs and is very convicted that young girls today face issues and challenges never seen before. She also believes that we, as women, need to come together in defense of each other and look to truly embrace and love the way our Lord created us.

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Elizabeth Brunette




Elizabeth is an avid Green Bay Packers fan who lives in Minnesota. She is a senior at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, where she studies Strategic Communication and Health and Wellness Promotion. While in college, she found a passion for chatting with people over good coffee, going on well-planned adventures, and building a community of people excited by good conversation and intentional living. She lived in Household with Saint Paul’s Outreach for two years, helped with women’s nights at the U, and, now, she serves as Secretary of Catholic Students United at the University of Minnesota. Because of her involvement, she has the opportunity to help create a place where women can thrive in their relationships with each other and with the Lord, and the Lord has moved her heart because of the relationships she has built within the Women’s Community at the University of Minnesota. She is excited to serve as the Social Media Intern for The Lovely Commission,  and she can’t wait to connect with the TLC community!

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Molly Kilpatrick




Molly is a co-founder of The Lovely Commission. She is a Minneapolis, Minnesota native now living in Lansing, Michigan. She holds BAs in Catholic Studies and Family Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, where she was involved in Saint Paul’s Outreach - a community of disciples on mission on college campuses around the nation.

Molly has been working with high school and university aged women since 2007, and she thinks they are so lovely - so full of potential, hope, and beauty, so full of life and love to be shared. She has an idea of how much our Heavenly Father loves them and has incredible plans for their lives, and she wants to do everything she can to help them know Him and realize His profound and transformative love in their lives. The Lovely Commission is one attempt at that.


Aoife-Marie Buckley





Aoife-Marie is from Dublin, Ireland, and has grown up amidst the Community of Nazareth there. Her interest in Architecture and Graphic design was sparked by her parents and led to many side-projects for a diverse range of ventures. She has always enjoyed visiting art museums, film photography, and drinking copious amounts of coffee! Aoife-Marie graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in Architecture in 2016, before heading to Detroit, Michigan, on a Mission Year. During her time in Detroit she worked with a Christian non-profit organisation called YouthWorks-Detroit. Here her assorted roles included Teen YouthGroup Leader and Facilitator, Staff at an After-School Arts and Literacy programme and In-House Graphic Designs for print and social media. Her current endeavours include studying an Art History MA and volunteering at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.


Through her work at YouthWorks-Detroit, and especially with the young women in the YouthGroup, Aoife-Marie became drawn more and more to find supportive materials for the struggles and situations young women face today. She was delighted to find a place to do so with The Lovely Commission who were already cultivating an online space for women to receive and give testimonies of strength and vulnerability, loss and hope, resilience and beauty. She hopes to be able to put her hands to good work with them and continue to create, using tools characteristic to her, a welcoming place for others to rest as they engage in their own lovely commission.


Rachel Cahalan 





Rachel is a proud native of the City of Champions - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After she completed high school, the Lord asked Rachel to set aside her own plans for the sake of His own. Giving Him that timid ‘yes’ at the age of 18 has since filled her life with so much more joy, peace, and purpose than she ever could have imagined for herself. Instead of pursuing university, she spent a GAP year in Glasgow, Scotland. There she did service and mission work for the Community of the Risen Christ, which gave her vision for building Christian community. Rachel returned home with a new desire for the Lord and his people, which He honored in his provision. Rachel has worked in the past few years as a nanny, an event planner, and a youth worker. All of these have equipped her for different areas of the missionary call that He has placed on her life. Rachel currently lives in Pittsburgh and is an affiliate member of the People of God Community. She also works as the women’s mission leader for University Christian Outreach. She is an advocate for the Good News, mental health, for tea to be made properly, and for an end to live-action remakes of perfectly good animated films.