Satisfy Me, Lord

Here is me being completely honest. The last month and a half have been some of the hardest, exhausting, and frustrating weeks of my life. 


This time of preparing for Christmas is a time of vulnerability. It is a season that declares that Christ's coming brings eternal hope for our lives. But to hope is to risk.

Wise and Foolish Virgins

We are created to remain rooted in Him, to be like trees planted by streams of living water. To flourish in this way, we need to consider what nurtures our spiritual lives. This is to remain vigilant and awake. This is the opportunity of this season.

Stay Awake

This time of preparing for Christmas is a spiritual retreat. It allows us to pause and ask ourselves:  Are we awake? Do we seek? Do we expect?

Dancing for Jesus

For me, life somehow easily seems to become a never ending checklist. Wake up early, exercise, go to school, go to work, be nice to people, try to have minimal awkward interactions, do homework, read scripture, eat healthy, go to bed, repeat.